Academic Guidelines

The Piney Woods School offers an academic program which reflects the general, college preparatory curriculum. The core courses of social studies, mathematics, science, and English, along with a diversity of electives, are delineated to afford each student a solid educational substructure.


  • English 4 units (English I, II, III, IV)
    (Honors English III & IV are available for students with a 3.0 or above GPA in previous year of English class)
    (Honors English III, IV; taken in order)
  • Mathematics 4 units (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and an advanced math; taken in order)
  • Science 4 units (Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy*, and a science elective)
  • Social Studies 4 1/2 units (AA History/Geography, MS Studies, World History, U.S. History, Government/Economics)
  • Foreign Language 2 units of same language (Spanish I, II)
  • Physical Training 2 units
  • Computer Technology 1 unit        
  • Fine Arts 1 unit
  • Electives 3 1/2 units

*Taken in grades 11 - 12

Total Required for Graduation from PWS (for all students) 26 units

NOTE: Graduation requirements which were in effect when student entered The Piney Woods School remain in effect until graduation.


Botany 1 unit Photography (advanced) 1/2 unit
Calculus 1 unit  Physical Education 1 unit
Comprehensive Health I 1/2 unit Piano I 1 unit
Computer Applications 1/2 unit  Piano II 1 unit
Environmental Science 1/2 unit  Pre-Calculus 1/2 unit
Financial Technology 1/2 unit  Science Survey 1/2 unit
Genetics 1 unit Survey of World Religions 1 unit
Keyboarding 1/2 unit  Trigonometry 1/2 unit 
Music Appreciation 1 unit  Visual Arts I 1/2 unit
Painting 1 unit Visual Arts II 1/2 unit  
Personal Finance 1/2 unit Vocal Music I 1 unit
Photography I 1/2 unit Vocal Music II 1 unit

The requirements may be adapted or altered since the Director of Records and Counseling Services will work with each student to assist in devising an academic plan to fit his/her individual needs.

Students are required to have seven classes each semester per year.  This helps to ensure that students receive the mandated number of credits for graduation.

Courses should be taken in sequence. The course curriculum guide and the graduation assessment forms list the courses in the four major curriculum areas in sequence. The Director of Records and Counseling Services charts classes in sequence as students’ schedules are made. The Piney Woods School classes are classified as full-year courses or semester courses. The final average grade determines whether the student passes or fails the course. If the final average grade is below 70, the student has failed the course and must make provisions to satisfy the requirements for completing the course.

Piney Woods operates on a regular seven-period day with fifty-five minute classes.




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