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Faculty and Staff

Name Title Contact
Adams, Mandy Accounting Associate
Beattie, Rebecca Foreign Language Instructor and English Lead
Brown, Leonardo Weekend Residential Counselor
Carr, Thomas Dorm Parent/ Post-Graduate
Chapman, Mitchell Automotive Mechanic
Coleman, Michael Assistant Farm Manager
Crossley, Monica Dean of Faculty
Crossley, Willie Levi President
Davis, Cynthia Instructor
Durr, Maranda Food Services Director
Durrett, Nicholas English Instructor
Fitzgerald, Yusef Athletic Director
Goliday, Mary
Gonzalez, Emma Math and English Instructor
Gonzalez, Robert Math and Science Instructor
Greenwood, Zerrian Social Science Instructor
Hargrove, Lindsay Human Resource Manager 6018452214
Jacobs, Leslie
Lewanika, Sekufele Dean of Students
Malembeka, Fidelis Chief Operating Officer
McCollum-Williamson, Markeela
Miller, Nickeela Academic Counselor
Nica, Cristina Science Instructor and Math and Science Lead
Patrick, Robert Social Science Instructor 6018452214
Roberson, Adrian Academic Office Manager
Robinson, Grace Weekend Dorm Parent
Smith, Clistia Associate Director
Smith, Sheria Development Director
Tillman, Renee Chief of Staff
Tripp, Jaqueline Student Activities Coordinator
Watkins, Geraldine Residential Living Parent