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The Piney Woods School provides students an excellent education within a Christian community through hands-on, experiential learning. We seek students who have demonstrated strong performance and strong academic promise. In order to apply for admission to The Piney Woods School, we ask prospective students to:

  • Demonstrate academic potential and seriousness about receiving a high-quality education
  • Submit a good record of psychosocial values (must not have a record of school expulsions, suspensions, or arrests.)
  • Possess at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average
  • Demonstrate responsible citizenship and strong leadership potential.
  • Receive satisfactory recommendations form:
    • Current English Teacher
    • Current Mathematics Teacher
    • Guidance Counselor or Principal (Transcript Request and School Report Form)
  • Complete a "Leadership" Essay

For more information about the application process, you can contact us at (601) 845-2214.

What Our Parents Are Saying

“As an alumni parent, I have been inspired by my daughter’s beautiful and successful experience over the course of her four years as a student at Piney Woods.”

- CASANDRA ADAMS, Mississippi

“The Piney Woods School quickly and seamlessly transitioned from a full-time boarding school to a complete digital learning platform during the pandemic … This is our first year with the PWS and we’re so glad that we made the decision! My son is appreciative that we trusted him to have the boarding experience, has been engaged in the online classes and is energized about learning!”

- TYRA CAUSEY, New Jersey

"Piney Woods has a legendary tradition of transforming young boys and girls, helping them reach their Godly potential and preparing them for college or whatever path that they may take.”

- REV. SKIP MASON, Georgia

"My son was there for 7 years including summer camp. Piney Woods is a great school that works individually with students and helps them to build independence. Students are exposed to a variety of opportunities. I like that it is a predominantly Black school, but all are welcome to attend. It is a beautiful school that is family-oriented."


"The Piney Woods School was a great decision for my son. Being away from home was very new for him because this was his first time being on his own. The Piney Woods School taught my son life skills and I am very proud of the young man he has become.