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On behalf of all of us at The Piney Woods School, we wish you the Happiest Holidays, the Merriest Christmas, and a safe and healthy New Year.

Bryah Young

Bryah is a Sophomore from Houston, Texas. She is thankful for having the opportunity for a great education. Bryah enjoys sports, graphic design, and music. She aspires to become a female pilot or a possible career in the United States Air Force. 

Kamau Clark

Kamau is a Senior from Los Angeles, California. He considers himself outgoing, friendly, and cheerful. He follows his sister as a student at Piney Woods and looks forward to college opportunities. He plans a career as a company executive, providing leadership and creating productivity. This holiday season, Kamau is most thankful for the support he receives from his mother and family.

Jabrael Leflore

Jabrael is an Eighth-Grade student from Carthage, Mississippi, who has been dancing for most of his life. In addition to dance, he loves gymnastics and basketball. If a career in the NBA or NFL does not pan out for him, Jabrael wants to become a farmer. He is a Christian who is thankful for the sacrifice of Christ, his parents and most of all, God.


Kendell Peterson

A junior from Jackson, Mississippi, Kendell likes playing basketball and creating computer animation. One day, he plans to turn his talent for animation into developing actual shows!


Shellise Montgomery

Shellise is a Senior from Seattle, Washington. She is an optimist and excited about life ahead. Shellise desires a career in architecture. When she sees buildings, she also sees the legacy of the people who designed them. This holiday season, Shellise is grateful for her ability to remain optimistic in spite of the challenges facing the world. 

Kareem Lillie

Kareem is an Eighth-Grade student from New Orleans, Louisiana, who is grateful to be at The Piney Woods School. His is a middle child of four siblings, and the only brother of the group. Kareem has an unusual career goal: he hopes to become a detective!



Levi Smith

Levi is a tenth-grade student from Jackson, Mississippi. He describes himself as quiet, but also spontaneous. He is adventurous, loves to have fun and try new things. He describes himself as intelligent, but also an introvert who loves to contemplate our place in the world. If he had to choose a career today, he would become a chef. He loves cooking. This holiday season, Levi is most thankful for his family and friends.


Shandrell Brown

Shandrell is an eighth-grade student from Jackson, Mississippi.  She lives with her father. She is the oldest of three – two boys, 11, are her brothers. She loves reading and remembers reading Wonder in the 5th grade – stay true to herself. If she had to choose a career, she would become a psychologist. She is most thankful for her dad. 


Almare Wiliams

Almare is a Freshman from Jackson, Mississippi. He loves playing basketball. He grew up as a “dog person,” but more recently has fallen in love with cats. He also loves photography and horses. He wants a career in psychology because he wants to learn more about the mind, the ego of humans, and behavior. This holiday season he says he is most thankful for his parents.


Landyn Smith

Landyn is a Junior from Jackson, Mississippi.  He enjoys reading, watching tv, and hanging out. He loves debating with others or discussing current affairs. He loves to cook. He’s the youngest of two siblings. Landyn wants to be a chef and open his own restaurant. He’s most thankful for second chances – people often misunderstand him or count him out; he is grateful that people give him a second chance even if he makes a mistake. This gives him the opportunity to learn from his mistakes and become a better person. 


Taimya Adams

Taimya is a Freshman from Clinton, Mississippi. She describes herself as short in stature, but confident, and consistent. She is a dreamer, who constantly has music on her mind and desires to stay in line with God’s will for her life. Taimya wants to make changes in the world. She has three career goals: to practice law, pursue her music career and be a cardiologist. She is most thankful for the health, wealth, and wellbeing of her family.


Jayden Williams

Jayden is a Junior from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He is intelligent, emotional, and open to others. He believes he is easy to talk to. He loves traveling with family and learning more about his African cultural heritage. He desires to build a career in the music business. During this holiday season, Jayden is most thankful to be able to come to Piney Woods and for his family who he knows cares for his wellbeing.


Logan Brooks

Logan is a Senior from Prentiss, Mississippi. She describes herself as understanding and empathetic. She loves working with children, and hair care. She believes personal appearance matters and wants to create opportunities for hair care in her home community. She loves entrepreneurship. This holiday season she is most thankful that she and her family have remained safe and healthy in the midst of the global health pandemic.