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Who was Lucinda "Aunt Lunky" Dulany ?

Dulany Hall, the first girls’ house on campus, was built through a legacy left by Lucinda (“Aunt Lunky”) Dulany, an ex-slave. William Dulany purchased Lucinda as a young girl at a public auction in Paris, Missouri. She became the caretaker of generations of Dulany children, and she and her husband remained with the family after the Civil War. Lucinda was frugal and hard-working. By the time she was 80, she had amassed a small fortune. Since her husband and her two children had died by that time, she made an unusual will leaving her estate to the great-grandson of the man who had purchased her as a slave for $650 more than 70 years earlier. When Lucinda died at the age of 86, the heir’s father, Major George Dulany, remembered the vision of a charismatic University of Iowa classmate of his: Laurence C. Jones. He sent the check from Lucinda’s estate to begin building Dulany Hall, which was completed by additional funds from the Dulany family and constructed by students with hand-made bricks. Dulany Hall was dedicated in 1921 as a memorial to Lucinda.