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Students enjoy meals in the Sadie Caldwell Dining Hall.  We provide 3 meals daily; every day school is in session.  Hot, delicious, well-balanced meals are cooked with care and meet US Department of Agriculture and Mississippi State nutrition requirements.  To ensure students receive the required nutrition, we ask that students not bring outside food into the dining hall.  At the parents option a student could bring a refrigerator for storing additional snacks; additional fees apply. 

We are engaged in dynamic partnerships with the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and local organizations to cultivate a model farm to table movement, with students learning how to grow and prepare healthy foods. These partnerships, along with our land assets, provide us with a unique opportunity to challenge our own students’ notions about healthy food and introduce them to locally grown produce. Last year, students created raised bed gardens from re-cycled materials near the dining hall.  They planted specialty crops in greenhouses and in a large field on the model farm.  These crops were harvested and integrated into our dining hall meals.