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We provide students with a well-rounded education in a social environment which highlights the need to collaborate, show teamwork, maximize resources that are available, all while dwelling in student housing that is friendly and supportive.  

Our campus has six (6) Student Living buildings: Snoopy Hall, Dulany Hall, Hyde-Humphrey Hall, The Cottage, MaryMac Hall, and Ralph Smith Hall.  Each student house has a Live-In dorm parent to ensure students always have a safe and supervised environment conducive to assisting and enhancing your total development as a student.  

Charles M. Schultz “Snoopy” Hall was named in honor of its benefactor, Mr. Charles M. Schulz, the creator of the famous Snoopy character in the “Peanuts” comic strip and movies. Snoopy Hall was completed on October 26, 1991 and houses 28 female students grades 9 – 10.   

Dulany Hall was named in honor of Ms. Lucinda Dulany, a former slave.  Ms. Dulany served as a child nurse for two generations of the Dulany family.  She lived to be 86 years old and willed her estate of over $9,000 to the son of Major George W. Dulany.  Major Dulany, a former classmate of Dr. Laurence C. Jones, knew of the need for a female residence hall, at The Piney Woods School.  Major Dulany combined family funds with Ms. Dulany’s inheritance and donated the money to construct Dulany Hall.  The three-story building was completed in 1921, and houses female students.   

Hyde-Humphrey Hall was named in honor of Mr. Albert Alexander Hyde, founder of the Mentholatum Company, and Mr. James Humphrey, a substantial Piney Woods benefactor.  Mr. Hyde developed the well-known and successful Mentholatum Ointment.  He is also responsible for financing the tour buses for the early Cotton Blossom Singes.  Mr. Humphrey was the oldest living former employee of the Mentholatum Company.  He retired after 73 years of service.  Hyde-Humphrey Hall was opened in 1981 and houses female students.   

MaryMac Hall was named for Mr. Foster G. McGaw, founder of the American Hospital Supply Company, and his wife, Mary.  Mr. McGaw donated one million dollars to The Piney Woods School with the stipulation that the building to be constructed with the funds and named for himself and his wife, Mary.  MaryMac was opened in 1981 and houses male students.  

Ralph Smith Hall was named after and financed by, Mr. Ralph L. Smith, a lumberman, who owned mills and timberland in Oregon, Washington, and Northern California until the mid-1960’s.  He was also a long-time friend of Dr. Laurence C. Jones.  In 1957, When MaryMac opened in 1981, Ralph Smith was closed for renovation.  It was reopened for male honor students, the fall semester of 2000.  It houses male students. 

To ensure the safety of all students, luggage, shopping, and grocery bags are inspected when any student enter the Halls. Once students have checked into the dormitories, the overall rules will be shared with all.  

Dorms parents are here to assist students in their overall well-being, which includes teaching social skills, life domain skills, communication, and the importance of teamwork, among other things.    

Students live independently or with a roommate (and, on a rare occasion, with two roommates), and have responsibility for the upkeep of their own rooms, which includes securing all personal belongings and maintaining cleanliness.  All students also contribute to the entire student house community as they are assigned chores, and expected to cultivate a positive environment.   

Many students point to dormitory living as one of their favorite aspects of the Piney Woods experience.  You live in a college style setting that fosters the growth of independence, but there’s also a family atmosphere with dorm parents providing a constant presence to ensure safety and provide loving guidance. Each of the student houses boasts a large common area where students gather to listen to music, study, play games, and participate in team-building activities.   

Residential Living Staff 

Each Residential Living Hall (RLH) has a live-in Residential Living Manager (RLM) on duty Monday - Friday from 4 pm to 8 am, and 12 midnight to 8 am Monday morning. Each RLH/Cottage is closed from 8 am – 4 pm, Monday – Friday).  The weekend staff is on duty Friday from 4 pm – Sunday at 12 midnight.  The staff assists in maintaining a positive atmosphere in the residential hall and ensure the student has a constructive and optimistic living and learning environment while at Piney Woods.  The RHM is responsible for the student, while in the RLH; therefore, the student is to listen and follow his/her directives.  Insubordination will not be tolerated on any level.  This type of behavior will result in disciplinary actions.