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The Piney Woods School is a Christian community, in which, students are permitted to practice basic Christian principles, including love, sacrifice, kindness, and forgiveness. The Piney Woods School is non-discriminatory, students and families of any faith, denomination, or spiritual tradition are welcome to be members of our learning community. We employ a school chaplain who leads our spiritual activities on campus and is available for student (as well as faculty and/or staff) spiritual counseling and encouragement.  Spiritual activities on campus include our weekly chapel service, which attended by all members of the campus community, and provides opportunity for students to demonstrate spiritual leadership.  Additionally, we require students to participate in 3 services on Sunday’s including Sunday School, Morning Worship and Vespers.  The spiritual activities we undertake at Piney Woods School are intended to ensure that our students develop a deep understanding of Christian faith and tradition, and that they leave our campus with an education of their head, hands and heart.