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The Mississippi Arts Commission is excited to sponsor an action-packed camp to keep campers moving this summer. The workshop will include both physical and hands-on components, where participants will be encouraged to showcase their artistry through expression. (June 12 – 26)

Students will get a hands-on experience by participating in seed starting, planting, and harvesting (farm to table). Students will assist with the incubation process of chicklings, care for their assigned baby chick, and watch it grow, while working with other farm animals. Students will also go fishing, plant trees, assist with caring for fruit trees, go on nature walks, and visit campus historical sites. (June 12 – 26)

The Piney Woods School has established a proven track record in agricultural practices and is continuing to march toward Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) practices. This one-week STEM camp is an experience critically important to today’s society. This conceptual camp will unveil agriculture and robotics practices and how they are operationally related. (June 19-25; 2nd week only)

Devoted Dreamers Academy will expose youth to coding, entrepreneurship , Black History, agriculture, and the history of African-American farming. There will also be special sessions exclusively for young ladies through our P.E.A.R.L.S. for girls program addressing, emotional intelligence, etiquette training, and public speaking.