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School day attire:  Solid colored black or navy jackets (no hoodies or jean), Solid Navy or Khaki/Tan pants (no stretch or jeggings), Solid White Polo or Button-down Shirts (no emblems), Only exceptions:  Piney Woods provided Sean John Shirts and Pants (to be worn when requested).  Students should put their initials inside their clothing for identification purposes (since all clothing look alike).  Do not borrow or lend clothing. 

Weekend, off campus attire.  Students are expected to dress appropriately at all times.  At no time are students to wear jeans with holes, rips or tears.  No shirts or jackets with inappropriate words, pictures or emblems.  Slides are not permitted for off campus events.  Sunday attire – Boys dress slacks and shirt, or uniform pants and shirt, and tie (jacket optional)  Girls dress, skirt, blouse, dress slacks, or uniform pants and shirt (no spandex, jeggings).